Shape your world in 3D!

Push, pull, pinch, paint, smooth, grab, tug. More fun than a Renaissance studio, cleaner than a box of mud. Available as a free download for iPad.


Create a 3D model

Bulge, flatten, or refine your creation to achieve the dramatic, comic, or frightening effect you want.


Decorate your 3D model

Add shades, tints, and hues with the built-in digital painting brushes, or rub areas of an image directly onto your creation.

Export and share

Export and share your 3D model

Share your project via email or social media sites, or export your sculpture as an .OBJ file.

Who’s making what

Some of our favorite projects from the gallery. View all projects

Carey Price 3d model made with 123D Sculpt
Olivier Dallaire 212

Carey Price

Olivier Dallaire 212

RAPHEAL IS BACK! 3d model made with 123D Sculpt
Brandon Reid 212


Brandon Reid 212

Scary Witch 3d model made with 123D Sculpt
Jj Hardt

Scary Witch

Jj Hardt

Easily create characters of your dreams using only an iPad

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