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Here you’ll find some technology in progress – this is stuff we’re working on or experimenting with. Be sure to check back often as we always add new projects!


Charmr is a quick way to make one-of-a-kind 3D jewelry with a photo of your choice.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this customizer allows you to personalize a charm or pendant for the person you love most – kid, mom or pet. Charmr enables you to put together a 3D printable design in just minutes!

For added fun, tag your charm as LOV3D to have it appear in our special gallery dedicated to all things love!

    Launch Project Charmr    


Project Shapeshifter

Project Shapeshifter is a browser-based tool for generating interesting geometric shapes, and then exporting them for 3D printing. We think it is a fun and interesting way to produce gifts and ornaments that show off what you can do with 3D printing. It’s a product of Autodesk’s Research labs, and highlights a possible direction for making 3D design and printing accessible to everyone!

Check out the tutorial videos to see how you can get started with Shapeshifter.

Use Shapeshifter

You don’t need to download any software: if you are using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any modern browser that supports WebGL, just click the link below to start Shapeshifter:

Start Shapeshifter
Note: opens a new window.


This is an experiment, and we really value your feedback. If you have comment or suggestions, please let us know!

Video tutorials
Project Shapeshifter YouTube Channel

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