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Learn how to use 123D Design.

Videos and documentation to help you get started, or get more advanced with 123D Design – a free, powerful, yet simple 3D creation and editing tool.

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Quick overview

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Video tutorials

Creating objects

Learn your way around 123D Design (desktop version) by creating simple objects.

Moving, snapping

Explore different methods for moving and assembling parts in 123D Design desktop app.

Grouping objects

Learn how to group, so you can apply commands to objects as a unit instead of individually.

Edges, faces, points

See how to use editing tools in 123D Design to adjust the edges, faces, and points of your creation.

123D Design for iPad

See how to start a design on your iPad, save it in the cloud, and then take it further in the desktop app.

Add, subtract, intersect

See how to use the “Combine” tool inside Autodesk 123D Design to add, subtract, and intersect objects.

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