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Videos and documentation to help you get started, or get more advanced with 123D Catch – a free app that turns photos into 3D models.

123D Catch quick start guide

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Video tutorials

Tips for a successful shoot

Tips on how to set up your shoot for best results, and tricks for taking photos that will create the most detailed 3D models.

Starting your first project

This video will take you through your first 123D Catch project using the sample photographs installed with the app.

Navigating your 3D scene

Learn the essentials of viewing and navigating around your model in the online version of 123D Catch.

Creating animations

Easily share your 123D Catch 3D model by creating an animation that is directly uploaded to YouTube.

Shooting and image upload

Some guidelines to follow when shooting and selecting your photographs for your 123D Catch project.

Mesh details

Basics of mesh cleanup, synchronization with the server, and how to process your scene at a different resolutions.

Manual stitching

Manual stitching and how to stitch in the photos that wern’t automatically stitched.

Reference points

Everything you need to know about reference points in 123D Catch.

Custom coordinate system

Introduction to custom coordinate systems, based on your defined reference points.

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