Free, easy-to-use apps for 3D design and 3D printing

All of our core design apps can import and export 3D models in formats used for 3D printing. You can create or edit existing models, and get them ready for successful 3D printing.

123D apps for 3D printing
App 3D Printing Features

Fusion 360 New!

Design, test, and fabricate
  • Iterate on design, explore form
  • Engineer your design with integrated simulation
  • Fabricate your design
  • Collaborate & manage


Get started with 3D modeling
  • Features remain editable, allowing you to change and refine your model
  • Import 3D print ready STL files and add them to your projects
  • Export various formats of 3D print ready files including STL and OBJ
  • Send to 3D print service providers

123D Design

Easy 3D modeling for Web, Mac, and PC
  • Advanced design tools allow you to create professionally styled objects for 3D printing
  • Import 3D print ready STL files and incorporate them in your designs
  • Import files from 123D Catch and 123D Creature
  • Export 3D print ready files in STL format

123D Sculpt+

Create and 3D print fantastic sculptures
  • Export 3D print ready files in OBJ format
  • Send to 3D print service providers

More apps for 3D printing

All 123D apps can work together to create amazing 3D models that can be 3D printed. Check ‘em out.

Meet the 123D apps

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