Laser cutting with 123D

Go from 3D to 2D and back again! Use 123D Make to create 2D, laser-cut-ready files from 3D models.

What is laser cutting?

Laser cutters use a high power laser to very quickly make precision cuts in a wide variety of materials. They can also etch (or engrave). Laser cutters are commonly used in manufacturing, but they are also starting to be more available to schools, small businesses, and hobbyists.

To give you an idea of what’s involved, check out our laser cutting process:

1. Prepare and upload your files.

Start with a 2D EPS or SVG file – you created using the free Autodesk 123D Make application. It’s available online and for desktop Win and Mac.

2. Choose your desired material.

Select from acrylic, wood, cardboard, and several other material options upon checkout.

3. Confirm your purchase and your laser cutting order.

Review your order, choose your shipping location, and enjoy your new creation

What can laser cutting be used for?

Laser cutting has countless uses and below are just a few of them – these should give you some ideas and inspiration to get started on your own laser cutting project.


Model-making firms work with architects to create scale models – such as this YYC Airport model by Ellis Associates – for planning and promotional use.

YYC model by Ellis Associates

Art & Design

With the help of laser cutting, designers over at graypants have been producing beautiful things – like these lights made out of scrap cardboard.

Scraplights by graypants

Hobbies & Fun

VictorianDollhouse is a user who with the help of a laser cutter has been successfully selling dollhouse kits on Etsy – perfect weekend projects!

Laser-cut Victorian dollhouse model

Laser cut-ready 123D projects

Some of our favorite projects from the gallery are listed to the right. Use these as a starting point and modify them as you go. View more projects.

Normal Stadium Seats 3d model made with 123D Make
Simon Kasemphantai

Normal Stadium Seats

Simon Kasemphantai

dragon_faceted 3d model made with 123D Make



Soldier_01 3d model made with 123D Make
Xiong Liu


Xiong Liu

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