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What is CNC?

CNC stands for “Computer Numeric Control” and is what drives all automated machine tools. The Autodesk 123D CNC Utility is a powerful yet remarkably simple online CAM package to create the files you need to drive CNC routers.

Autodesk 123D CNC Utility

The Autodesk 123D CNC Utility can launch directly from within Autodesk 123D Design or open common 3D files like STL, OBJ and common 2D files like EPS and SVG. You can even open a color PGN and have it carve out a depth map – the darker the color the deeper the carve.

Custom CNC profiles

Your machine is supported! You can easily create a profile for any CNC router or choose one of the presets which include the entire Shopbot line of CNC routers. When you’re ready you can watch a preview of the router carving out your model in 3D!

CNC process, step-by-step

1. Load

Load a model from 123D Design or My Projects into the Utility.

2. Settings

Choose your machine, your stock size and material, position your model and choose what bit/s you want to carve and cut with.

3. Preview & Save

Preview the G-Code toolpaths in 3D, view from all angles and watch it carve in a 3D simulation. Once you’re satisfied with the outcome, simply save your G-Code files.

Project showcase

Got CNC project? We’d love you to share them.

The 123D CNC utility is a new project, and we want to know how you are using it, what’s working and what’s not working, and your ideas for future additions. Contact us with your questions, rants and raves, and photos of your projects that we can share here.

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