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It's 8-bit retro Mario Clouds! It's so tiny and cute, you can wear it! In this project, we're making Cory Arcangel-inspired Super Mario jewelry using 3D printing and DIY electronics. This teeny 1.44” TFT display comes in at 128x128 and interfaces with the pro trinket microcontroller over SPI using Adafruit Arduino libraries. The animation is activated using a fast vibration sensor-- just move around or shake it to trigger the sequence. 3D print the parts from our free files in either PLA or ABS. These parts are optimized to print with no support material and take about an hour to print. The scrolling clouds animation sketch for arduino is available to download and modify. These lovely clouds were programmed by the legendary Phil B - but you can change out the animation to display your own favorite games or contemporary art masterpieces!

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