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...I wanted to see what the new Cricut Explore® Machine could do (in the main menu of go to: Tools > Cricut), and as a result, this J-3 Cub model was born.

This model comes in two variations:
- a Cricut project, designed for use with thinner poster board (first photo, blue paper), and
- as a larger, laser-cut-friendly project, designed for thicker card stock (seen in all the other photos).

Although this could most likely be done using 123D make (and various separate 3D parts), I've used a factory blueprint [to ensure 'accuracy'] and Adobe Illustrator to create the SVG.

This model does need some more thinking around wing structure attachment to the fuselage and the front hood, just to name a few areas - feel free to edit these as you see fit, all I ask is to link to this page in case you are sharing them as the latest versions will always be listed here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy building it just as much as I enjoyed designing it!

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