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H-250 Quadcopter Frame
Consists of 4 arms - I use ZMR 1804-2400kv motors or similar and 5030 props - could possibly fit 6 inch props.
A 3 part frame consisting held together by nylon hex stand off spacers from Ebay.
The middle frame section has slightly longer middle lugs to accommodate the flight control board - KK2 fits nicely using a KK2 3D printed case.
2 x Landing Gear a slot in the grooves on the bottom section - nice snug fit, however could be fixed with hot melt glue if required.
A 1300mah battery (measured an Overlander Battery) should sit in between the landing gear,
H-250.stl isnt for printing, but to just give an idea of the build.
Ive now resized the thickness of the arms as they weren't thick enough.

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