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PiGRRL Raspberry Pi Gameboy 3d model made with Project

PiGRRL Raspberry Pi...


Decimated Chess Set 3d model made with Project
Bryan Allen

Decimated Chess Set

Bryan Allen

IRIS UFO and Prop Guards 3d model made with Project

IRIS UFO and Prop Guards


Standing Wedge of Flaked Sandstone 3d model made with Project
David Gutkowski

Standing Wedge of...

David Gutkowski

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Getting Sculpted with Shapeshifter

Deena Khattab

If your burning desire to print complex shapes has been constantly subdued by the difficulty of intricate 3D modeling, Project Shapeshifter is the tool for you. Currently in beta, Shapeshifter is Autodesk’s free application dedicated to simplifying c...Read More

MeshMixer 101: 3D Printing

Andy T

  The Meshmixer 101 playlist is a series of videos to get you up and running with Meshmixer. This video will show you a typical workflow for healing a capture from 123D Catch, then printing with a 3D printing service.

Featured User : Bryan Perry Keeps It Level

Rob Roberts

We have a saying in English about being ‘up a creek without a paddle’.  What that means is: you’re in deep trouble and there’s no way out.  Well, 123D Circuits user Bryan Perry’s pump station monitor circuitry is built t...Read More

You Can Simulate a 555 Timer in 123D Circuits

Rob Roberts

It is an absolute joy to make this announcement about a tiny, unassuming chip that has changed the world:  You read it first here.  You can simulate a 555 in 123D Circuits! Whether you knew it or not, we’ve all touched a 555.  They’re in...Read More

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