Featured 3D Printed Islamic Inspired Ceiling Art 3d model made with Project
Mark Leonard (862)

3D Printed Islamic...

Mark Leonard (862)

Featured Long March 2F rocket 3d model made with Project

Long March 2F rocket


Featured Space Rover Models 3d model made with Project

Space Rover Models


Beyond the blocks: modeling a space plane for 3D printing in Tinkercad

Gian Pablo Villamil

When people think about modeling rockets and space ships in Tinkercad, they can be forgiven for thinking that all you can do is stick a cone shape on top of a cylinder, and call it a day – but they’re wrong! Tinkercad can do a lot more. Tinkercad has a very powerful engine under the [...]

Light Tracking BEAM Robot Comes To Life

Rob Roberts

Last week we announced a new theme: ROCKETS and ROBOTS so I’m super excited to post about a BEAM ROBOT that we’ve given life in 123D Circuits.  “BEAM” is an acronym for Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics.  It refers to a style of robots that don’t require programming – instead they use analog logic to [...]

Glow-in-the-Dark Rocket Mobile with 123D and Tinkercad

Andy T

We’ve been thinking about rockets and spaceships this week at 123D and we had some cool glow-in-the-dark filament for a Makerbot Rep2, so naturally: GLOW IN THE DARK SPACESHIPS! The models came directly from the 123Dapp.com gallery, and the planets, end caps and filament points I quickly modeled in Tinkercad. Because the rockets were taller [...]

The Blood Moon – Tonight!

Ali Wunderman

Eerie name for a blog post, right? Well have no fear, it all comes back to our theme of the month – space! Tonight those of us on Earth will play witness to a full lunar eclipse, affectionately nicknamed “The Blood Moon” due to the reddish-orange color the moon will take on just past 3am [...]

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