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PiGRRL Raspberry Pi Gameboy 3d model made with Project

PiGRRL Raspberry Pi...


Decimated Chess Set 3d model made with Project
Bryan Allen

Decimated Chess Set

Bryan Allen

IRIS UFO and Prop Guards 3d model made with Project

IRIS UFO and Prop Guards


Standing Wedge of Flaked Sandstone 3d model made with Project
David Gutkowski

Standing Wedge of...

David Gutkowski

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PLANT3D Part 2: Bike Edition

Deena Khattab

One day I was meandering through the print shop when the Instructables intern, Rachel, casually mentioned to me that she was working on a bike commuter Instructable. At that moment, my calling became apparent. I needed to 3D print a planter for mountin...Read More

Featured User : Alexander Sharikov’s Rotary Encoder Board

Rob Roberts

Have you ever want a rotary encoder in your project but didn’t want to design it in?  Featured user Alexander Sharikov has done the work for you and was kind enough to share it via 123D Circuits.  You can click the link to his board and order i...Read More

The Mighty Midwest Presents: Adrian Stein

Ali Wunderman

  For our final installment of the Mighty Midwest we revisit talented student artist, Adrian Stein. In May he stole the spotlight as a featured Maker of The Day and Meshmixer super user so we wanted to delve deeper into his story to share it with...Read More

123D Circuits adds Arduino MICRO and ATTINY

Rob Roberts

For almost a year now you’ve been able to simulate a virtual Arduino UNO in 123D Circuits and in that time tens of thousands of people have used an Arduino board in their virtual breadboard projects. Today we’re announce two Arduino components ...Read More

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